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Don't take your cherished classic car just anywhere to get a new paint job - it's much too important for such a risk. Instead, bring it to our experienced team of professionals who are part of a nearly 60-year local tradition.


Perhaps your classic car only needs a slight touch-up or some detail work. You can get that from us too. Your input will guide us along as we find the perfect design and color to restore your treasured investment.

Properly restore your classic car with our help

Only the best paints and supplies

Our commitment to excellence definitely extends to the products we use, which is why you will only see the best paints getting used on your classic car. In fact, every little detail will be monitored as our team strives for the utmost in excellence while giving your classic car a renewed look.


Of course, you can also bring new and classic cars in for mechanical repairs, collision repair, and much more. Loaner cars are available.

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